Indicative Terms

Bridging Loans - Chain Breaks - Heavy Refurbishment - Recently Completed Projects
Get an understanding of how much you may be able to borrow and at what terms prior to making a full application. Indicative Terms may also be known as a ‘Mortgage in Principle’, a ‘Decision in Principle’ or a ‘Mortgage Promise’. You can use Indicative Terms to show that you may be in a financial position to purchase a property with an estate agent or those selling a property.
Please note that Indicative Terms are subject to any conditions precedent and are not a guarantee that a lender will lend to you
Please use this form for…
  • Funds to purchase an investment property
  • Funds to purchase an investment property and to cover light refurbishment costs
  • Funds to acquire land for a self build
  • Funds to purchase an investment property and to cover heavy refurbishment costs
  • Funds to purchase a residential property prior to the sale of an existing property


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Property ownership?

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What is the security being offered?

Finance details

What is the purchase price of current open market value of the security(£)?

What is the loan wanted for?

Do you wish the interest to be retained or serviced?

How long do you want the loan for?

What is your planned exit strategy?

If a purchase, is the security liable to VAT?

2nd Charge only...

What level of debt already exists on the property (£)?


Heavy Refurbishment only...

Have you completed at least one project yourself, not as a contractor to someone else?

Do you wish to borrow for just the purchase or for the building costs themselves?

If you want a loan to cover the build costs, we need to separate the purchase and build costs...

• What is the level of the loan needed for the purchase (£)?


• What is the level of the loan needed for the build costs (£)?

What will the property be worth when completed (£)?

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What are Indicative Terms?

Indicative terms are the likely commercial terms upon which, for example a lender will lend. Indicative terms are subject to the lender’s internal credit approval and other conditions precedent.

What does conditions precedent mean?

Conditions precedent is a condition or conditions to an event that must occur before a right, claim, duty or interest arises. In a loan, such as a mortgage, a condition precedent is an event that must be satisfied prior to a formal mortgage offer being made.