Commercial Finance Consultant

Become an Associate Commercial Finance Broker and earn a healthy income.
Fast track into the huge and growing world of business and property finance. With access to an unparalleled portfolio of over 300 UK based lenders you will have access to the funds required to support 5 million SME businesses and UK property projects.

Working with us as a Commercial Finance Consultant (Broker) you will be in a position to offer your clients access to a very broad range of essential and innovative ‘Core’ Financial Services / Products. These are sourced and delivered from over 300 UK based Partner Lenders with whom there are very strong, high level working relationships.

The core services we provide cover Commercial and Business Loans, Commercial and Buy To Let Property Mortgages, Development Finance, Asset Leasing, Invoice Finance, Start Up Loans, General Business Loans, Specialist Tax Finance, Grant Support and Personal Loans to name but a few. In addition to our core services we have an extensive range of complimentary Ancillary Services which provide valuable additional income and which allow us to provide a complete and fully comprehensive service to our clients.

Below we have detailed the key information that you need know when considering joining us as an Associate Commercial Finance Broker.

How much does it cost to become an Associate?

There are 2 options paying 50% and 60% of the net case income.


  • 50% of net case income – £945.00
  • 60% of net case income – £1795.00


To discuss any questions please contact Andrew Wattsford on 01609 531740 or by email

Why become an Associate with Wattsford Commercial Finance?

In the last ten years the UK financial environment has changed radically, however through this period of transformation and turbulence, our Network Partner has continued to thrive and develop an extensive base of strategic lender partnerships. Established in 2004 with significant industry experience, we have full access to an impressive directory of over 300 UK-based Lending Partners. We are proud to offer a wide range of financial services and products, covering all areas of commercial and personal finance.


An FCA Principal Firm

Our Network Partner, White Rose Finance Group Limited, have full principal firm status with the FCA, meaning that they cover all aspects of compliance for you. Together we have developed a very supportive development plan, guiding you through the regulations and start-up qualifications to get you working as soon as possible.

You will have ongoing business development support so that you can maximise the potential opportunities and generate the largest income possible.


Benefits of working with Wattsford Commercial Finance

The benefits of working with us have grown significantly over the years. We are passionate about ensuring you succeed.

  • We have the highest levels of commission available compared to similar broker solutions.
  • We have a team of experienced Underwriters and Case Managers who have market leading completion rates.
  • We provide full back office support, allowing you more time to meet new clients and generate leads.
  • We have a dedicated support team that strive to help you develop and learn in your role, with regular CPD seminars.
  • No financial services experience necessary.
  • A great opportunity for a change in career or as part of a portfolio career.
  • Work this opportunity around your lifestyle, it’s utterly flexible so that you can operate full or part time to supplement other business income.
  • Start to generate income within weeks.
  • No annual renewal charges.


To discuss any questions please contact Andrew Wattsford on 01609 531740 or by email

What support will I receive as an Associate?

With current Covid-19 guidance, all new Associates attend a week of 5 online afternoons of comprehensive business launch training programme along with ongoing business development, marketing support and mentorship. There will be an opportunity for Associates to attend the Principal Firms Head Office in the future for further training.


Business Training

This training provided by our Network Partner and Principal Firm covers all of the principles to help you set up your business and understand all of the products and business processes in depth, to enable you to generate fees as quickly as possible.

  • FCA regulations and compliance requirements of a Commercial Finance Broker.
  • Business procedures.
  • Business administration essentials.
  • Core commercial product training.
  • How to market your business.
  • The consultancy approach (ensuring income on all business cases).
  • Lead generation and business development.
  • The fundamentals of case underwriting.
  • Efficient case management.
  • Developing Ancillary / Additional Revenue Streams.
  • Business Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting.


Ongoing Development and CPD Courses

There are regular ongoing training and development opportunities for all Associates, which are CPD accredited and cover essential principles such as:

  • Product information.
  • Marketing knowledge to help you increase your sales.
  • Broker training to bring you up to speed with the industry.


Case Management

As an Associate you will have access to our Network Partner’s experienced team of case managers who will assist you in completing client deals.

We have a growing team of dedicated Underwriters and Case Managers to offer support on all casework.

Our Network Partner’s Service Level Agreement ensures that you will get a response to your business enquiries within four working hours, with our aim to deliver indicative lending terms within one working day.

This ensures that you can respond to your client more quickly than most of the competition.


Business Development

All Associates are provided with broker business development support to ensure they get the most from their business.


Marketing and Lead Generation Support

As an Associate you are provided with a comprehensive range of marketing and sales resources, which are available to all Network Partners, to enable you to grow your lead pipeline as quickly as possible after the initial training.

Your marketing package includes:

  • Email account set-up and hosting
  • A suite of branded business documentation and enquiry forms
  • Initial business stationery, including business cards
  • Business administration training

Additional marketing available (not included in Associate Package):

  • Your own website and hosting package
  • Production of regular email marketing campaigns
  • Social media support


To discuss any questions please contact Andrew Wattsford on 01609 531740 or by email

Satisfying high demand for finance from the SME business community.

The demand for these services within the UK Small – Medium size Business community ( SME’s ) is strong and growing as the issues experienced within the UK Finance Industry and particularly the High Street Banks over recent years are well documented and ongoing. It is the generally recognised view that many High Street lenders continue to have significantly muted appetites to lend to SMEs for the foreseeable future which greatly increases the demand for our services to deliver funding support from a broad range of alternative providers.


To discuss any questions please contact Andrew Wattsford on 01609 531740 or by email

Income potential and return on investment.

The Associate Financial Consultant role is geared for those who want to work either full or part-time, with ongoing support and training to help them achieve a valuable source of income. This can be used to provide a supplementary income alongside a separate business.


We provide a 2 ½ day full training programme delivered by our Network Partner, White Rose Finance Group Limited, alongside full support and indirect access to our partner lender directory.


This includes a personalised business e-mail, dedicated phone numbers and contact forms, the option for your own business website and access to a comprehensive suite of marketing and business development resources.


Associates enjoy a market leading share on their cases of  up to 60% of all net fee and commission income generated. First year business income projections are estimated at circa between £25,000 to £60,000. Results may vary dependent on the activity and efforts of each Associate and Wattsford Commercial Finance or our Network Partner offer no guarantee of future earnings.


To discuss any questions please contact Andrew Wattsford on 01609 531740 or by email

Key benefits of becoming an Associate Commercial Finance Broker

  • Uncapped earnings potential.
  • Multiple returns on investment.
  • Become your own boss.
  • Highly demand, long term prospects.
  • Reclaim your work/life balance.
  • Generate income within weeks.
  • No annual renewal fees.
  • Comprehensive Residential Business Launch Training, delivered by our in house Financial Experts.
  • A detailed operations manual provided.
  • A business document suite including product specific fact finds.
  • Ongoing business support.
  • Full Case Management, Underwriting and Packaging Support.
  • Regulatory and compliance support.
  • Marketing support.
  • Regular industry updates via free to attend training days (4-6 per year)


To discuss any questions please contact Andrew Wattsford on 01609 531740 or by email

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed several of the most frequently asked questions around becoming a Commercial Finance Broker.

Who are Wattsford Commercial Finance?

We are Credit Brokers and are Appointed Representative (FRN:794560) of White Rose Finance Group Limited (FRN:630772) an established and reputable Commercial Financial Services Brokerage and Business Consultancy.


Wattsford Commercial Finance was formed in 2017 having previously delivered business start up finance and business consultancy services. White Rose Finance Group Limited was formed in 2004 and comprises a growing team of 12 Senior Partners and Support staff in the business.

Who is this opportunity open to?

We welcome applications from companies and individuals from any business background, it is not necessary to have financial experience. We are looking for like-minded people with enthusiasm and drive, with the desire to establish a successful business as a Professional Commercial Finance Consultant.


As part of the FCA authorisation application all applicants must complete a fit and proper questionnaire to allow them to work in the industry.


Applicants from current trading businesses and professional practices who wish to develop their financial services skills and generate additional income are more than welcome to join. Being an Associate is particularly suitable for Accountants, Business Advisors and Consultants, IFA’s, Commercial Property Agents, Brokers offering finance who are currently unregulated, Bankers, Business Transfer Agents and people with transferable skills who are seeking a career change.


The industry is regulated by the FCA and Associates will need to be fully aware of and be fully compliant with the necessary FCA Regulatory requirements.

What office equipment and facilities will I need in place?

This business can be successfully implemented from home. Efficient telecommunications and IT are essential to ensure that you can build and operate a Commercial Finance Broker business. We strongly recommend the following equipment and services are in place prior to commencement.


  • Home office space and secure storage
  • Efficient and reliable broadband installation.
  • Dedicated non geographic local number
  • Good quality laptop, tablet or personal computer
  • Good quality printer and copier
  • Business e-mail adress(es) – provided
  • Office grade paper shredder for confidential document disposal

What will I be offering as a Commercial Finance Broker?

As a fully trained Commercial Finance Broker, you will be able to offer the full range of commercial financial services that we offer.

You will gain full training on all the available products, with available resources to ensure you have the appropriate documentation and information about every service and product available. There is also ongoing CPD accreditable training and support to ensure your education continues.

What happens after I finish the initial training?

Once you have completed your initial training course, we will support you to become ready to launch your business as a Commercial Finance Broker.


To assist you, during your initial training we guide you in developing your ‘first 90 day’ business development programme, ensuring you have direction and focus in the early days. From day one, either Andrew or our business support team will be on hand to provide advice and assistance.

What are the rewards, or the projected income?

There is no limit on earnings potential and therefore the rewards from joining Wattsford Commercial Finance can be very significant. As a Commercial Finance Consultant, you will set a target fee income from each project, based on a number of factors. It is difficult to generalise, but the overall fee income would usually be in the range of 1.5% to 5% of the funded amount for most commercial projects. As a professional Consultant, your fee income on most cases will generally include a client retainer fee. This ensures that your base costs are covered.

We estimate that Associates should target to earn between £25,000 to £60,000 in the first year for full, or near to full time working. The level of commissions paid will be dependent on the chosen Business Package.


Income projections are distributed across the entire range of Products and Services that you will be offering to your clients, but with the emphasis on the larger Commercial Loans and Property Development Projects.


Rewards of course are not just limited to financial income, it is also a very rewarding role and very flexible to fit around your lifestyle.


Earnings Disclaimer: Results will vary and are dependent on individual effort, activity levels and effectiveness. For this reason, neither Wattsford Commercial Finance or White Rose Finance Group Ltd. can offer any guarantee of future earnings.

What demand is out there for commercial finance services?

Following the ‘credit crunch’, there remains a strong and growing demand for the professional services you will be offering. With the near collapse of a number of the UK’s major High street banks in 2008 and subsequent bail out by the Government, a major void has been left in the supply of reliable business finance, significantly impacting small business owners. In the UK there are over 5 million SMEs, many of whom do not satisfy the lending criteria of the High Street Banks yet still require funding.


Whilst the situation with the High street Banks has eased and a decision has been made by the Government regarding Brexit, business clients are more likely to approach a broker for commercial finance advice than ever and with direct access to over 300 Lending Partners you will be well positioned to help.

What Business Licenses and Regulatory Cover will I need to have?

FCA authorisation is required to legally advise and act as a credit broker.  As an Associate Financial Consultant you will operate under the Wattsford Commercial Finance brand. Wattsford Commercial Finance is a trading style of Andrew Wattsford (FRN:794560) who are Credit Brokers and are Appointed Representatives of White Rose Finance Group Ltd (FRN: 630772) ​who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


In addition, you will need to register your business with the Information Commissioners office (ICO) for Data.


Some financial products are deemed to be ‘regulated’ by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such the advisor must have specific qualifications. An example of this would be advice given to a client for a mortgage on their home property or an equity release product. The business training will fully detail the regulations and ‘do’s and don’ts’ in this regard.

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We would love to meet you. To ask any questions and to find out more about becoming a Commercial Finance Broker, email or call Andrew Wattsford, Principal Commercial Finance Broker on 01609 531740.
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