Holiday Let and Serviced Accommodation Mortgage Indicative Terms

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Get an understanding of how much you may be able to borrow and at what terms prior to making a full application. Indicative Terms may also be known as a ‘Mortgage in Principle’, a ‘Decision in Principle’ or a ‘Mortgage Promise’. You can use Indicative Terms to show that you may be in a financial position to purchase a property with an estate agent or those selling a property.
Please note that Indicative Terms are subject to any conditions precedent and are not a guarantee that a lender will lend to you


Personal details of lead applicant

First Name?

Last Name?


Email Address?

Company Name?

Property requiring mortgage

House Name/Number?





What type of property is it?

Is the property?

What is the property ownership?

Is the property Freehold or Leasehold?

If the property is leasehold, how many years remain on the lease?

Is the property ex Council or Housing Association?

Mortgage details

What term of mortgage would you like?

What is your main motivation for finance:

What is the Purchase Price or if owned already, the current market value (

What is the level of the mortgage required (£)?

Is this a purchase or a refinance?

* Refinance only...

What is the current bridging loan/mortgage (£)?

Who is the current lender?

What is the purpose of the refinance?

Property details

Has the property recently been converted or refurbished?

 If Yes, please provide details of the work that has been carried out?

What is the property's EPC Rating?

Click here for EPCs in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland
Click here for EPCs in Scotland

How will the property be occupied?

Will the property be tenantable from Day 1?

If No, please provide details of the work needed?

How long have you been a landlord?

How long have you been a holiday let, rent-to-rent, or serviced accommodation landlord?

Who will be managing the property?

Who will be marketing/promoting the property?

Are you a homeowner?

Rental Income

What rental income will the property generate per annum on an AST
* basis (£)?
  * AST ~ Assured Shorthold Tenancy

What rental income will the property generate per annum on a holiday let, short term let, rent to rent or serviced accommoation basis (£)?

How has the holiday let, short term let, rent to rent or serviced accommodation income been assessed?

Personal details continued

What was your income for the last financial year
 For multiple owners/directors, please use the highest income

* If a joint or partnership application...

Does any individual have an annual personal income /salary above £40,000 per annum?

Will any individual have personal savings above £15,000 after completion?

Which statement best describes your credit history?

What is your main motivation for finance?

Would you like to speak to a Trusted Partner about...

Buildings Insurance?

Conveyancing/Legal Services?

Life Insurance?


Please provide any additional information that you feel may be helpful?


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What are Indicative Terms?

Indicative terms are the likely commercial terms upon which, for example a lender will lend. Indicative terms are subject to the lender’s internal credit approval and other conditions precedent.

What does conditions precedent mean?

Conditions precedent is a condition or conditions to an event that must occur before a right, claim, duty or interest arises. In a loan, such as a mortgage, a condition precedent is an event that must be satisfied prior to a formal mortgage offer being made.