Tax Relief Schemes

Working with clients to uncover the hidden value of tax relief in their businesses through Capital Allowances, Research & Development and Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Reliefs

Tax Reclaim Services

Tax Relief Schemes

In 2019 our Founder, Andrew Wattsford, sought better ways to support our growing client base with innovative ideas.

As successful independent commercial finance brokers, Andrew identified that he was able to support a broad range of clients through various legitimate HMRC tax relief schemes which were a natural addition to the commercial finance services that were already being provided.

This is achieved through unlocking the hidden assets within your business. These hidden assets have the potential to bring ££££’s in tax relief to your business. The average tax reclaim being typically more than £50,000!

This is predominantly achieved through property-related reliefs of  Capital Allowances Tax Relief and Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Reliefs. Tax Reclaims also provides R&D Tax Relief and a Grant Finding Service.

Introducing Tax Reclaims

Tax Reclaims brands

Tax Reclaims are independent tax relief specialists helping UK businesses to uncover the hidden assets within their businesses, commercial property and developments.

Unlocking hidden assets has the potential to bring ££££’s in tax relief to your business, with the average claim being above £50,000 through Research & Development (R&D), Capital Allowances and Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Reliefs.

For more information on Tax Reclaims, please visit the Tax Reclaims website or click on the link below.

Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Relief

Contaminated Land Tax Relief

Claim for removing or treating contaminants

Capital Allowances Tax Relief

Capital Allowances

Unlock the hidden value in your commercial property

Tax Reclaims Services

Grants & Bid Writing

Grant sourcing, bid writing and tendering

Tax Relief Schemes - Research and Development Tax Relief

R & D Tax Credits

Rewarding UK businesses investing in innovation

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“Uncover the hidden value in your business or commercial property with Tax Reclaims”

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