VAT 100 Loans

No arrangement fees | Competitive Rates | Improve Cashflow

VAT 100 Loans

VAT 100 Loans

VAT 100 Loans, also known as VAT funding and VAT finance, will for many businesses improve cash flow, particularly when using more expensive types of debt. Cash flow can be seriously affected every quarter when your VAT return becomes due.  We offer short-term VAT loans over 3 months at competitive rates and with no arrangement fees.

Benefits of VAT 100 Loans

  • Brings your VAT tax in line with your monthly business expenditure.
  • Improves business cashflow.
  • Utilises funds to pay off more expensive bills, expenses and debts.
  • Seamless renewal process for future bills.
  • No arrangement fees and competitive rates.
  • 3 installments, removing the financial burden of a single payment.
  • Quick and easy to arrange.

How do VAT 100 Loans work?

  • Quarterly VAT 100 return £10,000 to £5,000,000.
  • VAT 100 return can be paid directly to HMRC on your due date (7th of the month)
  • 3 equal monthly direct debits (no debt rolling over into the next return period).
  • Continues as long as you need the facility.
  • No Personal Guarantees are required for VAT returns under £150,000.

How to apply?

Please get in touch and we will arrange your VAT 100 Loan quotation today.

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