Funding Circle Business Champion

Wattsford Commercial Finance are a Funding Circle Business Champion. Wattsford Commercial Finance has a strong foundation of providing outstanding customer service, our focus is very much based on ensuring each and every client receives a personalised service, matching their financial needs to their individual requirements. We aim to help clients quickly and efficiently as well as remaining true to our mantra of treating customers fairly which means always looking for the best solutions for our clients needs. That’s why Wattsford Commercial Finance is a Funding Circle Business Champion.

We work with many lenders in various sectors and one of those is Funding Circle who are an integral part of our business and the strong partnerships and relationships we have with them which means surrounding ourselves with the very best advice and support network which they provide.  We are therefore delighted with our Networks recognition of being a Funding Circle Business Champion. This exclusive programme includes around 30 members across the UK and demonstrates our proficiency in delivering “a best in class” service.

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